Friday, 7 June 2013

Graduate Fashion Week Photo-Shoot

Look 1 of my collection was selected for the final 10 of the Graduate Fashion Week photo-shoot, unfortunately due to postage this dress was squashed and shot like this. Through this photo-shoot I gained press coverage within The Daily Mail, The Independent, and featured in

Photo from Graduate Fashion Week photo-shoot. 

Featured in The Independent

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Graduate Fashion Week stand - Colchester School of Art

For Graduate Fashion Week I helped set up the stand for the show. We had quite a big stand this year being very near to the front of the entrance and right next to the industry lounge which was very exciting. For the stand we had large and tall industrial rails (9 of) scattered around the edges of the stand and had rails either side of the middle of the stand and having a focal point in the middle with a collection of students garments. Our Uni has a mixture of Textiles and Fashion students, with this a lots of the Textile students had designed these gorgeous wallpapers which were printed by a company and was stuck the the back walls of the stand in the focal point of the stand.

Front view of the stand from walk way....having chunky wooden benches which held the students postcards and the brochures, I really liked this layout and having accessable images of students work at the front of the stand as not always are students work visible unless seen on the rail.

Side view of the stand from the entrance walkway...cluster of mannequins between the rails of students collections.

With the stand which had lighting features sponsored to us from, they have these amazing chunky wooden and steal lights with a real old and industrial theme which worked perfectly with our stand.

Portfolio table from Offkut....This table held all the students portfolios and sat around the students garments from mostly textiles for fashion students.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Photo-Shoot of entire collection - Jason Little

My entire collection was photographed by photographer Jason Little in his Chelmsford studio, having the same model for each look.

Hair and make up inspired by Couture Dior

Heavy dark eyebrows with red lips and black flick of eyeliner

Hair has been piled on head forming two buns meeting in the middle

Look 1 full length shot, however I would like this look to only be shot from the knees up, focusing on the detail of the garment

Close up shot of look 1

Studio shot of look 1 

Close up shot of look 3

Full length shot of look 3

Studio shot of look 3 

Full length shot of look 4

Close up shot of look 4 

Studio shot of look 4

Shot of look 2

I was really happy with the outcome of these photos as I felt Jason allowed me to have my own input and ideas for these images. Jason was very interested in finding out the concept of my collection and making sure it materialised throughout the images produced.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Production of Look 4

LOOK 4 - The 'BIG' dress, the final piece to my collection, this dress consists of loads of digitally printed satin organza circles applied to the entire front of the main dress and being placed ton the seam of the fish tail skirt. All the applied circles were individually starched 2-3 times for the small and medium circles and the largest circles were starched 4 times to create the firmness that I wanted in order for me to create the sculptural look. 

This look consists of using all 4 of the circles blocks  had designed,Circle 1 - 30cm, Circle 2 - 48cm, Circle 3 - 70cm and 110.5cm in circumference. These digitally printed circles are from 4 different prints , each print being 2metres in length and 135cm width having the print in extremely large scale. This entire dress of applied digital print circles has 10metres of print featured on this dress.

Having a one shoulder fitted dress with a fish tail skirt from just above the knee line, which has 10 layers of black net around the entire fish tail. For the main dress I have constructed this look in double-sided duchess satin in red, the dress being heavy and fitted I inserted a boned corset constructed also in the double sided duchess satin.

Half way through applying the digital circles..really love the sculptural shapes created from these

One of my paintings that has been digitally printed onto satin organza

 Circle of digital print cut from circle block

Another one of my paintings that has been digitally printed into a very large scale

Side view on my progress with look 4 and applying the circles

With the fish tail of this skirt, which was designed to very big and have lots of volume. With the applied digital prints, this meant that the fish tail of the dress would be weighed down with these and the 10 layers of black net, therefore I thought it was appropriate for me to then construct an underskirt with 3 row of double up and gathered stiff black net in order to help the fish tail skirt not lose its volume and be weighed down.

Back view of look 4 in progress

All circle 1,circle 2 and circle 3's have been attached to the dress now moving onto attaching the largest circles over over a metre long.

Front view of look 4

Close up of bodice of look 4

Back of look 4 

Side of look 4

Monday, 27 May 2013

Production of Look 3

Look 3 is a full length gown produced using double sided duchess satin for the main dress, with application of digitally printed organza.

With a fish tail skirt in the train of the main dress which will have digitally printed circles applied to this, because I want the dress train to big quite big and have volume I applied several layers of gathered net on the lining of the train, this then helped to keep the applied circles up and not be dragged.

The main body of the dress has been designed to be very fitted and to sculpt the body, with this I have constructed a boned corset to be fitted into the bodice of the dress.

This dress consists of all four circle sizes used within the digitally print, circles circumferences of 30cm, 48cm, 70cm and 110.5cm.

Toile of Look 3 - Side View

Toile - Back View

Toile - Front

 Front corset pieces in double sided duchess satin 

Stitching the shoulder seams using a french seam in the printed organza

 Yoke of the dress digital print

   Applying the digitally printed circles of the dress back train 

Main dress with applied circles with digital print and circles of double sided digital print

 Creating sculptural shapes with the train circles

Back of dress completed

 Front of dress completed

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Video Day - of final collection

For our Graduate Fashion Week stand, we will be having a video of our collections played on a television for the duration of the show.

This involved a day of filming each individual dress, focusing on close up shots, looking at details within the garments, and the overall collection. 

The models were required to stand in front view of the camera and then the back view. They were then required to walk to show the movement within each garment. 

Final line up being filmed front view

 Looks 1 and 2

Looks 3 and 4 being filmed front view

Studio shot after models were required to walk as a collection

Look 4 

Look 1 Front view

Look 1 side view

Look 2 front view

Look 3

Look 3 full length shot 

Look 3 close up shot

Back view of look 3

Side view of look 3